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So before you take the plunge, knowing about the types of dating can help you to get you a step closer to meet your partner or just to hook up.Try one or the other or maybe go on different types of dates to figure out what you like to do. With the advent of online dating apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid (these are the common ones. ), online dating has become the most feasible way to find a date.It is the same as the one when you go out with a person your family chooses in an arranged marriage.

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Also read about ways to get more right swipes on Tinder and other dating apps (for men).

Blind dating: Well, unlike the name, it is not going on a date with a blindfold but dating a person you do not have a clue about!

This type of dating gives you an idea about how your date interacts with other people.

It is basically two friends going on a date with their partners.

It is quite popular in teenagers and adults and also if you are going on a blind date.

This includes going on a movie date or eating out with another couple.

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