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It goes like this: you get connected and then you say something like, “So you were saying you don’t like hot countries, where would you go on holiday then? Although you chat with sexy girls, they are very decent inside.If you have serious intentions and your next step is to meet in real life, you should take gradual steps.

So, she may not agree to have a video chat right now because she doesn’t look her best.

Of course, she won’t say it but find another excuse.

It’s a bad idea to turn your first video date into a hot video chat.

Sex-related topics are allowed only between the established couples who maintain their long-distance relationship.

Well, texting and talking face to face are two different things, and sometimes it seems that you talk not with the same person when you exchange messages and when you interact directly.

Hopefully, your date will be consistent and you won’t be disappointed with her.

What you text and how your court the woman through messages define your online dating success.

However, texting soon becomes not enough if you strive to get to know each other better.

This scenario is possible if you two are endlessly attracted to each other, are quite brave, and have time for a live chat.


  1. Too fast, too slow, parked, speeding round bends, etc.

  2. Do you find it hard meeting that special someone online?

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