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We hope you will enjoy the site and find new friends and relationships.We think we are the best online Thai dating site on the Internet.We have created Thai to connect Western single guys looking for Thai women or ladyboys. Whether you are a ‘Farang’ expat wanting to meet a Thai lady or Thai ladyboy OR you are a Thai woman or Thai ladyboy looking to find a new Western man for your life, Thai wants to make that happen for your life.

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Online dating partnersuche

The winning formula if you're looking to date a Thai girl is basically this: Thai women are very sexual by nature.

Get the basics out of the way first before talking about sex. You are going to be browsing through hundreds of Thai women profiles.

If the Thai girl is interested in you, this information will be the next profile she scans. It's likely they'll be using Google Translate to better understand some of it.

The #1 profile description we see from Thai women is 'don't talk to me about sex'. And to be honest, you wouldn't walk up to a woman in a club and start doing it, would you?

We've also got built-in record keeping, including a rating system.

It's a great feature so you can sort and focus on the girls that stand out above of the rest.

Learning a few easy to remember Thai words will bring a special sparkle to your Thai companion's eyes.

Try these: You're using a dating site, remember.

If you are a Thai lady or ladyboy (kathoey or katoey), you can find a western guy here.

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