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You stood up angrily and grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

When the boys saw you raise your hand with the knife they stared in shock.

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One direction dating each other

Confused you shook your head and shrugged off your friend weirdness.

"Oh God, you know I was about to get something to eat but my appetite suddenly vanished," Harry said as he walked into the kitchen.

You were visiting Harry, who had been a long time friend since you two were in diapers.

You were staying for a couple weeks and so far it had been a living hell because a certain Louis Tomlinson wouldn't stop picking on you, pulling pranks on you, and making you the butt of every joke.

You were shocked at first, and you even thought of pulling away but you opted not too when he cupped your face in his hands.

Once you two pulled away you stared at Harry in awe and slight disbelief "You have no clue how long I've wanted to do that," He breathed out.

Its not like you care," "Because I do care and I want you to be here," He said as his eyes gleamed at you.

Niall Horan: You tensed up as soon as Niall was sat next to you on the plane.

You angrily stomped your foot and rushed past him and up to Louis who was in his kitchen.

Louis was having a small get together with a few close friends, and of course that meant having to see the moron who is called Harry Styles.

At first glance you might think One Direction’s Harry Styles and Zayn Malik were boyfriends by the amount of affection they show each other (and by affection we mean kissing.) The most recent example comes from a new promo for the boy band’s upcoming fragrance “One Moment,” featuring a smooch on the cheek between Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.

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