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However, the existence of several examples of other, lesser settlements, that share this name in Northumberland - particularly one north of Barrasford, near Hexham, and another outside Hartburn, west of Morpeth - suggests that it may be derived from some actual feature of the landscape, or former land-use, that has since been forgotten (one exotic suggestion for the North Tynedale example being the Ancient British term "Beddan Maes", meaning "burial ground" - although this suggestion has never been offered to explain the name of the Durham settlement).

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From your average Joe to celebrity couples, no one is afraid of flaunting their age gap relationship.

If you are interested in exploring a relationship with young girls looking for older men, but are not sure what other people would say, then here are 12 famous men that you can take as your inspiration. One common thing about all these couples is that they are deliriously happy with each other despite their hug age gap. So if you really love someone and want to be with her, then don’t let age gap stand in the way of your happiness.

It turns out her zany wardrobe is a hit in Williamsburg, and the two end up becoming friends.

Doris may be a bit clueless, but the movie doesn't deny Field her sexuality.

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Other unusual place names in the North East include the village of No Place, believed to be a contraction of North Place, as marked on the original Ordnance Survey maps, and Bearpark, from Beaurepaire, French for "beautiful retreat" - the name of a nearby Norman priory.

One question men often ask, mostly to themselves but sometimes in relationship forums on the internet, is, “Is it okay for me to be in a relationship with a much younger woman?

History is replete with examples of older men falling madly in love with much younger women and the women reciprocating their love.

Today, older men younger women relationship are much more common and socially accepted than it used to be in the past.

Cinematic women who engage in affairs with younger men are often sexy, but also broken in some way or another.

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