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In the first place, both bathing and resting at the shore is less comfortable here, the beach is poorly ventilated by winds at a hot weather, bathing at a stormy weather is simply dangerous because of the underwater rocks, and, finally, the bathing season duration is shorter in Odessa than in the not so far distanced Crimea.In addition, renting of a suitable housing is both more difficult and more expensive for a visitor in Odessa than at the Crimean resorts, everything being adapted to receive guests at the latter.There is virtually no difference in the beach populace on week and weekend days at a hot weather; the males to females ratio is, as everywhere, approximately 2:1, but the number of children is relatively small.

Besides, this water is assumed suitable for drinking.

Many people find a pleasure in collecting mussels among the rocks in the "official" part of the beach boasts a buffet with a counter, several tables and chairs.

Administrative center of the Odessa region and the main naval base of the naval forces of Ukraine. The population of Odessa in 2015, close to one million people.

Known for its beaches, therapeutic resorts and 19th-century buildings, it is a popular destination among tourists, being one of the most visited cities in Ukraine.

of the waterfront line, i.e., about half a distance between two breakwaters, immediately adjoining the Chkalov Resort beach from the South (to the right of the latter, if looking from the coast onto the sea).

In fact, the nudists are settling themselves over the entire and big rocks under water (limestone, sometimes with rather roughly rugged surface), so one must be very cautious both at stepping into the water and at swimming not to hurt oneself over the rocks. Dominating at the second, "unofficial", part of the beach are big rocks preferred by those who like sunbathing on stone slates.

The beaches usually would consist of either rather coarse pebble or from stone slates, making up in most places a relatively narrow stripe with small, some cliffs overhanging .

The equipped beaches would be usually covered with sand, either purposely brought or obtained on place with a special technology of crushing of the relatively soft limestone rock.

One who wants to bathe snugger or, e.g., to play volleyball, has to put on briefs and pass onto this beach (one can easily do it by crossing a purely symbolic fencing).

The presence of topless females at the Chkalov beach is quite a common affair not attracting anyone's attention.

Odessa's main recreation area is located along the Eastern plateau fringe, taking up some 6 km of the sea coast length.


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