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I figured out, regardless saving the updates in the text editor, the file was actually unchanged.

Opening file in other editor and saving the changes worked for me.

When I changed the styl source then everything worked. Even touching every file in the project didn't work.

not updating since new heads added-24

On Windows, git status, uses, among other things, a file's time stamp and changes in the file's size to determine whether or not a file has changed.

So since the time stamp wasn't updated, it only had the file size to go by.

The Blockheads, like most other games, gets occasional updates, adding new features and fixing bugs and glitches.

The update process for major updates starts with the developer of The Blockheads, David Frampton creating an update, followed by testing by the Majic Jungle beta team on i OS.

Other files that were also changed by Win Merge and didn't have their time stamps updated but had a different size after the change were detected by git status just fine.

In general with this issue, first check that you're editing the file you think you are!Minor updates do not have to be released simultaneously, such as version 1.5.2, where the Android version was released 30 days after the Apple release.The longest wait between updates was between 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 on i OS, with a wait of 416 days.Like it was already discussed, the files were probably flagged with "assume-unchanged", which basicly tells git that you will not modify the files, so it doesnt need to track changes with them.However this may be affecting multiple files, and if its a large workspace you might not want to check them all one by one.So all you need to do is just to save the file manually (Ctrl S for the currently displayed file or Ctrl Shift S for all project files) and git bash will pick them up. Now I just spend almost an hour to upload my css modification.


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