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I was looking to date to find a husband, not to acquire an on line buddy/penpal (I already had plenty of friends including on line friends). A lot of people give up after a few days and some people don't bother moving on to the next progression by text or phone so I roughly know they don't want to continue things. I ll text back for a couple more days and I ll let them know I ll ring them.

I tried to avoid meeting people who lived further than about a half hour or so away. Its best to meet up as soon as you can but I think for me to be safe. I ask for their number in case I have to cancel, or they have to cancel.

I'm a Christian and so understanding a person's value system is really important to me.

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Additionally, there's no hard or even soft guarantee someone you get on well with over text or phone call will at all be a match once you meet, and you're more likely to develop a false sense of investment trying to establish familiarity in such a way. All that I meant is that some times with a more clear cut value system more questions might be front loaded.

Jman, I was not meaning to offend or to imply that other people do not have a value system. And as result fewer people meet the criteria for a fave to face meeting.

It has only been in the last few weeks that I'm not planning to drive more than I need too.

Wondering if chatting for 2-3 weeks instead of 1 week will be seen as disinterest.

Hey, so I'm using EH at the moment, and what I am hoping for is a general timeline and recommendations of how to do those things.

How long to spend chatting in the site, when and how best to switch to a phone number, when to actually meet the person.

At the end of the call if he didn't suggest a meet I did (but I did let him ask me out on a date after we met -I didn't ask him, just suggested to meet in person).

If he insisted on typing back and forth before speaking or on having multiple conversations before arranging to meet in person I moved on.

I would suggest meeting in person as quickly as possible, and eliminate the matches that aren't willing to do that.

It doesn't have to be a major date or anything; you can just meet for coffee.

I think typing messages for a long period of time gives a false sense of security and can be more of a safety risk.

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