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The Aqua Reward card is a good all-rounder for those with a less-than-stellar credit history.

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Yes, provided it's a year old or more Minimum repayment: Greater of 3% of balance plus interest or £5 If you didn't find a card above to suit you, here are quick details of the next-best cards – though as always make sure you read the golden rules above, and pay off IN FULL every month (when there's no 0% period) to avoid nasty interest charges.

If you've tried the Eligibility Calculator, or applied for any of the cards above and you can't get them, it's likely your credit score won't permit you to get any card.

It also offers fee-free spending abroad, so is a good option to take overseas – though you'll pay a charge for withdrawing cash, so don't use the card for that.

Representative APR (variable): 34.9% (see Official APR Examples) Minimum income: N/A Important: Repay IN FULL every month to avoid interest, and don't miss a payment or bust your credit limit as you'll be charged a fee and get a mark on your credit file Accepts defaults?

Doing this would leave you in a worse position than not getting the package and doing nothing.

If you can't afford to continue saving, you can cancel your agreement and get your money back.Get this wrong and it can cost you large, so please read the following (even if you only have time to read and remember the headlines, it should help protect your pocket).This card from Amazon is a good option for poorer credit scorers.However, if you've not had any credit before and want to make a start, these may have the impact you're looking for.If you can afford to save at least £20 a month and have a patchy (or non-existent) credit history, Loqbox* could be for you – though the concept's tricky.At the end of the 12 months – or before if you choose to unlock earlier – you'll be given the option of opening a new account, eg, a savings account or ISA, with one of Loqbox's partners (or if you're not eligible for any of them, you can just get your money back).

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