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He was wearing a green-and-white tiki-patterned shirt and a nubby ponytail, and stabbed at a stack of pancakes in a take-out box. Behind him were two metal easels, each with a large laminated map pinpointing the businesses that Nazarian considers competitors. He says, ‘That would be a great place for X, Y, Z—find out who the owner is, go.’ ”Nazarian, sitting before his own take-out box, tried to set an optimistic, authoritative tone.One shows all the good hotels in Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills; the other restaurants like the Ivy, Spago, Mr. “I think as far as building this new luxury brand, this is where it really gets exciting,” he said.

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of a restaurant-hotel-club-and-film group in Los Angeles, is six feet four and heavily cologned, with meaty cheeks and a soul patch.

A., owns a night club, Shelter, on the Sunset Strip, and another, Prey, in West Hollywood, and a pan-Asian restaurant, Yu, in Santa Monica.

“It’s been offered to us to go in and bring in Starck, to bring in Daniel Libeskind, bring in Rem Koolhaas, bring in some Japanese guys.

It’s all dirt right now.” He saw it as a potential mecca for media companies.

What he is counting on is that, as Eric Garcetti, the city-council member who represents Hollywood, puts it, “people want a version of Mc Donald’s for their own class.”In Nazarian’s office at S. E., which is housed in a low gray stucco building fringed with spiny green sedum, there are eight flat screens, a zebra-skin rug, and, mounted on the wall, a golden shovel.

It’s a memento of a development deal, but, after a few hours with Nazarian, it begins to suggest another use.

“It’s not the first time.”“Not just size as far as room count,” Nazarian said. “That’s gravy for us, that would push us over the top as far as an investment,” he said. But the hotel itself is sh— I mean, it needs a major renovation. This hotel’s very similar to the Peninsula.” He got up and demonstrated on the hotel map.

“The next time you guys come in, with Starck, I want to take you on a tour. The Beverly Hills Hotel, on Sunset, we’ll look at that, too. “Here you have pretty much all the hotels on our comp list.

“Visionary” was the word calligraphed on a city proclamation, signed by Garcetti and presented to Nazarian on his birthday, in July. “It’s not this shallow existence that we live here,” he says.


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