instant seks dating - Muslims and dating rules

A woman can also become a representative to pronounce the marriage formula.

Issue 2374: * As long as the woman and the man are not certain that their representative has pronounced the formula, they cannot look at each other as Mahram (like husband and wife), and a mere probable suspicion that the representative might have pronounced the formula is not sufficient.

Finding out just how exactly parents feel about these rules and how much they expect their children to adhere to them is most important.

Before dating with a prospective spouse, young people have to gain the approval of their family.

As a rule, both families will meet and discuss everything from faith to income and having children before approval to date is granted.

The art of dating is viewed very differently in the Muslim community and strict rules apply where most families are concerned.

Some may have relaxed these rules a little as a result of living within Western communities, but even in those cases, youngsters are still expected to stick to the basics.

And the formula (Sigha) of the marriage contract is pronounced either by the man and the woman themselves, or by a person who is appointed by them as their representatives to recite it on their behalf.

Issue 2373: The representative should not necessarily be a male.

For most Muslim girls and boys this means no dating during High School.

This can be difficult for them when they see their Western peers dating at this age, but most of them will adhere to the rules set by their parents.

* The relation between man and woman becomes lawful by contracting marriage.

There are two kinds of marriages: (i) Permanent marriage (ii) Fixed-time marriage In a permanent marriage, the period of matrimony is not fixed, and it isforever.

However strongly rooted in their traditions parents are, one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that sex before marriage is never acceptable under any circumstances.


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