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According to the MTS, the suspension could affect millions of Uzbek mobile phone users.An MTS statement said the firm has some 10 million clients among Uzbekistan’s population of 28 million.

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During 2012-2013, MTS deployed FTTB network in nearly twenty new cities of the Far East, Siberia, Central, Volga and Ural federal districts.

In 2012, MTS launched in all the cities where the DTV signal standard DVB-C, and in December 2013 a project to provide fixed telephony services to the mass market in the regions.

The cost of calls to mobile numbers range from 1.1 rubles per minute depending on the region.

Prior to that, in several cities such services are also provided by Comstar, a subsidiary of MTS.

On 31 October 2008, Vodafone announced a partnership deal with MTS, whereby Vodafone services will be available to MTS subscribers and both companies have noted the potential for more efficient purchasing, starting with operations in Ukraine.

In October 2015 Mobile Tele Systems and Vodafone expanded their strategic partnership; this resulted in the rebranding of MTS Ukraine to Vodafone Ukraine.

According to this ranking, in 2010 MTS brand was 72nd most valuable brand worldwide with the brand value of .7 billion.

In 2010 MTS also became the most valuable Russian brand according to the Interbrand ranking.

The subscription fee for the wired telephone is 100 rubles.

Per month, it includes unlimited calls to numbers of local fixed-line operators.

In 2013, Interregional Transit Telekom won a tender held by MTS to provide IPX services, and became one of the service providers for the company in the international telecommunications market.

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