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As the i Phone 5 launched on T-Mobile’s network, existing AT&T unlocked i Phone 5 customers received a carrier update to enable the LTE signal.

As it turns out, in some cases the carrier update added something good with LTE, but negatively affected the signal and speeds achieved on the company’s refarmed PCS 1900MHz network.

motorola defy baseband switcher error after updating-5

Please take note of your phone’s SBF before modding it (Settings Build Number). Turn on USB debugging: Settings Android Debugging 3. This will create a file on your SD card with the backed up app, as well as the apps data (settings, saved games etc.) 4. Press RUN next to Restore missing apps all system data 4.

(even i messed sometimes: P) If restoring your phone for warranty purposes you will need to flash a copy of your original SBF before flashing your nandroid backup. Now,[Download] the 2nd Init v1.4.2 Please make sure that you don’t download 2nd Init v1.7 because CM7 will not work on it 2. If you only want to backup certain apps, click on the app you want to backup and then click Backup.

And that seems to be what’s happening to many customers.

Threads on Howard Forums and Reddit indicate that there are plenty of T-Mobile customers who – when connected to a strong LTE network – notice that speeds suddenly stall.

After partnering with @cooldayr, we both have come up with the best possible solution to fix this issue.

Below is a fix we have provided for all i Phone 5 users on the T-Mobile network.

This is Clockwork Mod Recovery, your control centre for creating backups, restoring backups, and flashing custom ROMS. You can navigate the menu using the volume keys and select using the power key. This will create a nandroid backup of your phone on your SD card.

Updated X2: The guide has been updated to fix some of the instructions.

This is called a nandroid backup and will save your entire phone’s state (ROM, apps, everything, to your SD Card), so that you can restore your phone to the way things were, in case you mess things up. Click on the Backup/Restore tab, you should see a list of all of your apps.


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