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“But then Obama was in town and I got blocked by the motorcade and the guy just left,” she says.“I never told him and he started dating someone else.” The real takeaway: Don’t spend months pining away for romance’s sake.

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In reality: This kind of “will they, won’t they” waiting around ramps up plot drama.

But off-screen, it leads to a lot of unnecessary emotional roller-coastering.

But when Joe discovers Kathleen’s true identity first, he decides to (flirtatiously? In reality: Mean-flirting isn’t cute; it’s just mean. “You don’t have to be rude to have a connection with someone.” Plot: In Jane Austen’s OG rom-com, Mr.

) mess with her head, dropping in-person hints that make her “doubt her own sanity,” Roberson says. The dating flop: “When I was a teen, I told a white guy who had gotten cornrows, flirtily, ‘Your hair looks awful.’ He was like, ‘Blythe, that’s a really mean thing to say about someone,’ and my stomach dropped,” Roberson says. Bennet has five daughters and a wife — “and if he ever dies, they’re f–ked forever because they won’t inherit property,” Roberson says.

If you like someone, ask them out — in a timely fashion.

Plot: Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and Kathleen Kelly (also Meg Ryan) run competing bookstores — and spend months unknowingly flirting with each other online. being mean to one another is supposedly ‘flirting,’ ” Roberson writes.

Plus, she gives people fair warning: “I just tell my crushes not to read my work!

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan (1989) When you discover that Princess Diana attended the premiere of When Harry Met Sally in 1989, it’d be hard not to wonder how she reacted to the film’s infamous, iconic fake orgasm scene.

Jones agonizes over whether to wear comfortable but conventionally unsexy high-waisted underwear.

The love lesson: You have to look hot to find love.

“It’s not exaggerating to say I have seen those movies a combined total of 100 times . Take two of her favorite Nora Ephron cheese-fests: “When Harry Met Sally” and “You’ve Got Mail.” In both, Roberson points out, a character played by Meg Ryan waits around for a man “who doesn’t deserve her” to sweep her off her feet — and when he does, it’s usually through flirting that’s straight-up mean.


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