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When you target everyone, you’re actually targeting no one.The more focused and specific your target audience is, the easier it will be to reach them.In dating, this might mean focusing your online dating profile on what makes you different from other individuals.

In business, you need to be sure you’re offering something your target audience really wants.

Before creating a new product or service, it’s important to validate your idea before launching.

That’s because when you have your ideal target person in mind, you’ll know exactly where to find him and how to connect with him.

Once you’ve defined your target audience, it’s important to use the right tools to reach that audience. If you’re looking to date geeky introverts who love spending time at home playing a board game or reading a good book, then the local dive bar is probably not a good location for scoping out dates.

When you get into online dating, you’re not looking to meet up with anyone and everyone.

If you’re looking to begin a healthy, successful relationship, you need to keep those standards high and only date those who fit your needs. When marketing your business, attempting to appeal to everyone will leave your marketing bland and uninteresting.And you’re not into cold hard data and analytics – you’re passionate about what you do.You’d rather connect with other people who are also passionate, understanding, and excited about what you have to offer – people who love what you do, and are truly interested in supporting your business.Well, if that sounds like you, I have good news…That’s exactly what good marketing is.It’s not about being pushy with people who have no interest in what you do.Instead, you might join a book club or attend a board game night at a local game shop.

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