Mandating overtime and patient safety techniques used to establish relative dating

All of them need care, and they deserve expert care.

In most industries, forced overtime is perfectly legal.

But for workers in the healthcare industry, the situation may be different.

In other words, mandatory overtime is legal for most employees.

If you don’t like how many hours your boss makes you work, you’re only viable option is to quit.

A few states, on the other hand, have set absolute maximums beyond which most nurses can’t work – whether they want to or not.

Most states have also made federally-operated healthcare facilities “exempt” from their prohibitions on mandatory overtime.TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A hospital strike now in its third week is putting a spotlight on staffing shortages at the same time Ohio lawmakers are debating legislation that would allow nurses to refuse mandatory overtime.Many of the nurses among the 2,200 workers on strike at Mercy Health St.For LPNs and RNs working at VA and other public hospitals, mandatory overtime may still be legal.This “government-run” exception usually doesn’t apply to state or municipal facilities. Nurses cannot be forced to work beyond their regularly scheduled shifts.In a statement to The Blade newspaper last week, it said the practice of asking employees to be on-call “is a reasonable and responsible process to ensure each patient has the specialized care he or she needs while respecting the work-life balance of our associates and their families.”Powers, a surgical nurse, said she was on-call just over 40 hours a week last year — on top of her regular 40-hour work week.“It’s nothing more than a crutch because they don’t want to hire more help,” she said.


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