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This immediately set the groundwork for what became a saga.

So the big international Macross poll just happened and there is much tumult in a few VERY small circles about the results.

There isn’t much that really surprises me, except for the low showing of the Macross 7 movie, which I think is EXCELLENT, one of the greatest Macross productions ever, but I guess we all have our complaints.

I mean come on, have you tried watching any of those ‘classic’ 80’s shows recently?

Sure they’re nostalgic and fun, but do they really hold up to scrutiny? It was a pioneer not just in sophisticated story telling for kids, but helping to solidify the slowly growing anime fanbase in America.

In this case it’s pretty literal as the team makes their way through a snowy mountain.

They’re at each other’s throats when they discover an abandoned city.Wolfe is Scott’s hero and he’s ready to drop his team in a heartbeat if it means getting to work with someone he holds in such high regard. No big shocker, but hero worship will always bite you in the ass. His team rightly gives him shit for taking it out on them.It’s a testament to just how memorable Wolfe is, with wanting peace at all costs to the point of betraying humanity, that he’s popped in so many spin off , even if they more or less bounce back every time. Scott may be the leader, but he’s not absolved of his shitty actions.With the help of some clever editing and voiceover, the three series more or less work as a whole.The following list isn’t so much one that tells the whole story of . While tempting to just start from the beginning, I prefer to lead with the episode that subverts your expectations.I have a special place in my heart for 80’s synth, and the Yellow Dancer songs perfectly fit there.


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