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There are no Manolos in Take Care, nor is there a meet-cute, a grand entrance down a staircase, a makeover montage, or any of the formulaic beats that have become trademarks of the polarizing rom-com genre—a genre, she says, that has “gotten very stupid.”Starring Leslie Bibb as a woman recently hit by a car and confined to her apartment to convalesce and Thomas Sadoski as her ex-boyfriend, Take Care is surprisingly intimate—it pretty much exclusively takes place in a small Manhattan apartment—and actually quite provocative in concept.

Bibb’s character, Frannie, lost her job spending two years taking care of Sadoski’s character, Devon, when they were together and he had cancer.

“All the writers pitched our worst ones and then came up with the most dismissive way you could break up with someone: it’s not even a piece of paper, it’s a post-it.”But, as the “relationship know-it-all” soon learned, it’s not just breakups that people are dying to talk about.

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That makes sense, considering her roots on Sex and the City, a series in which the characters reached incessant versions of happily ever afters, but with none of those endings ever gifted to them tied with a perfect bow.

There was always darkness and a little mess, both on the way and in the end.

I’m seeing someone right now, but in my life I’ve been looking.

It’s a very specific place in your life, so it’s hard to write about something else when you’re still looking for it.”Then, midway through breakfast, Tuccillo laughs.

So I’m a little confused.”There are things that she’s less confused about, however, like her desire to branch out of the rom-com niche she’s gotten herself into thus far in her career.

Earlier this week, it was announced that she’d be writing a new NBC series, currently in development, with Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) about a late-night female talk show host.

“I wanted to make a romantic comedy that was very real and very grounded and relatable.

The film is so low-budget that I don’t think anyone expects to see a character galloping down the street on a white horse.”In fact, you’ll almost never see a white horse—in neither the literal nor metaphorical sense—galloping in any of Tuccillo’s work.

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