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Ionization is the process by which an atom or a molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons to form ions, often in conjunction with other chemical changes.

Ion is an Atom or a molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom or molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge.

Target Report Folder and Target Server URL may differ in your case, make the changes accordingly and click OK.

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The punch, while shown in previews, was blacked out during showings of the episode.

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Target Server URL is the URL for the Report Server and Target Report Folder is a folder on the Report Server where the report will be deployed.

Failure End Enum Protected Sub Save File(By Val url As String, By Val localpath As String) Dim lo Request As System.

Create a folder named SSRS_Report_Execute on the root of the C drive.

This folder name and location depends on Folder_Destination variable value.

Here you have to enter the Target Report Folder name and Target Server URL.

Part 2: I will create a SSIS Package which will execute the SSRS report created in Part1.

Over the following 70 to 80 million years, the rate of diversification accelerated by an order of magnitude and the diversity of life began to resemble that of today.


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  6. 2008 - Present Carrie and NHL star Mike Fisher met at one of her concerts in 2008.

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