Looking for portals engaged in online sex chatting

I want to make this work, but I can’t ignore how bad his habit makes me feel. I will look for your response on your new blog, and appreciate your advice.

Still Confused”***There’s a lot to this, and I want to really talk about this whole subject a lot in this blog ( I hope you’ll join in the discussion and let me know your experiences and how you feel about all this, too).

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Let’s start, in this post – with the thing that most stood out for me, Confused’s statement: “He is a guy in the end, so I guess guys need that outlet…”This is not true.

Guys who CHOOSE to be in committed relationships do not “need” anything like this.

When I confronted him about how much this bothered me I made it clear that if he wants to meet/date other women to please let me know.

I don’t want to waste my time with someone who is not serious about me, but at the same time I don’t want to be jumping from relationship to relationship.

Major brand name advertisers such as Pepsi Co Inc., Georgia-Pacific Corp., State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., Countrywide Mortgage and T-Mobile withdrew ads placed on Yahoo!

web pages that may have come under association with the offensive chat rooms.

(NASDAQ: YHOO) closed all of its user-created chat rooms due to controversy over sexually explicit channels aimed at minors.

After a Houston, Texas television station KPRC reported on chat room names such as "Girls 13 And Under For Older Guys" and "Girls 13 And Up For Much Older Men" that were aimed at sex with children, the publicly held business Yahoo!

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Together, they cited information from 15 references.

He is a guy in the end, so I guess guys need that outlet; but I feel like it is somehow going to affect my relationship.

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