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So I open up this weeks episode on the subject of bereavement.What brings me onto this subject is the emotional rollercoaster my mother went on when she thought that her pet rabbit might not make it through the night after a visit to the vet. First of all I wanted to introduce myself as that’s probably the first thing that is on your mind… I’m pretty much like any other regular guy out there that came to a point where I chose to get this area of my life sorted.

I realised that advice from the wrong people is dangerous.

The results I saw from the naturals, the sort of stuff I initially thought was impossible, really expanded my way of thinking.

They would perhaps say stuff that would always have the girl laughing AND wanting to know MORE about THEM. If you want to date the next top model, thats fine but what I will say to you is that although it might be exciting, it’s not what I’m all about.

They would have women asking THEM questions – it seemed effortless. I stopped and realised what was actually possible, seeing the scope of mastering human relations. Again, I’m not going to waffle on, telling you all my stories but what I will tell you is that I turned my life around 360 degrees and fulfilled a vision of what I thought could be possible. I’m not here to help you get a quick leg over, unfortunately.

It’s a reminder that every day has it’s passing and with that, everyday needs to be celebrated.

Be thankful for what the day gives and live a life full of gratitude. Don’t worry, that certainly doesn’t set the theme for the whole show!What tends to happen – and we see this immediately around us – is that if you settle for someone out of convenience, cracks start to appear later on down the line.You may have the beautiful marriage, the huge house and the most amazing children, then someone gets that slither of doubt and has an affair, creating huge damages in the relationship.I think it’s a really important issue to touch on as we all experience losing loved ones in our lives but the question is: how are we supposed to deal with it?The advice I shared with my mother was to focus on the joy that this being had brought into her life. A tough mindset to shift into but it certainly helps you navigate through the level of emotional impact that something like this is going to have on you.I’ll be there doing meet and greets, a talk about love and seduction.


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