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If I’m honest with myself, I bring those apps back when I’m lonely, I need some affirmation, or if I’m just plain bored.

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Sure it’s flattering to discover all my matches or to receive messages, but what am I actually doing with those interactions?

It’s easier for me to let God direct me when I’m not swiping left or right and wondering whether I’ve rejected or chosen the wrong guy, when I’m not the one moving the mouse.

Three of my friends and coworkers are now married or in serious relationships thanks to the online dating scene.

But have I really allowed God to work through the Internet in my life?

I don’t say the words out loud that “God can’t work through the Internet,” but if you want to get technical, that’s kind of exactly what I’m saying when I differentiate between online dating and “real life.” And for someone who works for an Internet ministry, well, that’s sort of obnoxious.

Have I truly given Him permission to show up in my profile and in my messages?It brings out something especially judgmental in me.I make hasty decisions when I learn things that it might take me weeks to learn about someone organically.I am more forgiving when things don’t go exactly how I’d like, I’m more trusting, and I’m more willing to give credit and glory to God, too.I’m finally having an honest conversation with myself about dating, and I’m ready to invite God to be a bigger part of the conversation.Or, more importantly, none of this matters if you’re not ready to surrender the situation to God.


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