List configuration options available updating os

Different models of devices which advertise the same nominal size are not necessarily the same actual size.

list configuration options available updating os-80list configuration options available updating os-67

If the system dataset is stored on the boot pool and the boot pool becomes unavailable, the backup will also not be available.

The location of the system dataset can be viewed or set using There are two types of passwords.

Note When adding another operating system device for a mirror, the new device must have at least the same capacity as the existing operating system device.

Larger capacity devices can be added, but the mirror will only have the capacity of the smallest device.

This does not delete user SSH keys or any other data stored in a user home directory.

Since configuration changes stored in the configuration database are erased, this option is useful when a mistake has been made or to return a test system to the original configuration.For example, if a pool exists on a system with limited RAM, the autotune script automatically adjusts some ZFS sysctl values in an attempt to minimize memory starvation issues.It should only be used as a temporary measure on a system that hangs until the underlying hardware issue is addressed by adding more RAM. Note that deleting tunables that were created by autotune only affects the current session, as autotune-set tunables are recreated at boot.Free NAS provides the sedhelper wrapper script to ease SED administration from the command line.By default, SEDs are not locked until the administrator takes ownership of them.The key or with the saved configuration, allowing the configuration file to be restored to a different operating system device where the decryption seed is not already present.

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