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Play as Meat Boy or Bandage Girl in 7200 handcrafted levels that are hard, but fair.

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Finally, if you have been playing Lo Z - Simdate RPG and wish to help other users, feel free to sign up and start contributing!

Lo Z - Simdate RPG is a role-playing game developed by Lil Dwarf.

During a Nintendo Direct, icon and company creative director Shigeru Miyamoto announced that the game would be ready soon - very soon, in fact.

In less than two month's time, players can look forward to an experience similar to the N64 version of the game, full of branching paths, boss battles and living bioweapons that require precision barrel rolls.

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So here’s all 69 game announcements compiled into one place, for those who missed the show and would want to skim through it all.

1: Super Meat Boy Forever The first sequel to the 2D platformer Super Meat Boy.

Today's announcement of a release date was somewhat bittersweet.


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