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It costs 8 grivna to take the metro anywhere in Kyiv (about 30 cents).Salaries for English teachers in Ukraine may seem low, especially compared to jobs in some Asian countries, but packages often include accommodation, paid holiday and a flight allowance.

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We spent two years teaching English in Ukraine for London School of English in Odessa, and now teach English for London School of English in Kyiv.

Here’s our guide to working as an English teacher in Ukraine.

The decent schools are well-equipped with teaching materials.

Local Ukrainian teachers are serious about their profession.

Trump cited one girl killed accidentally by an illegal immigrant in SF as a reason to build a 70 billion 2,300 mile long 30-foot tall concrete border wall.

But 20 people shot dead by a MAGA hat terrorist in a Walmart and his solution is to fly flags at half-mast #Massacre Mitch Cut it out. When the hell are you gonna start taking gun control seriously? How many more lives have to be taken at the hands of domestic terrorists? Find out more about the cost of living in Odessa in our blog.While this may change with Brexit, at the moment, it’s difficult for non-EU citizens to teach English in EU countries.Since Ukraine is not in the EU, all expats need a labour permit to work there.

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