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With more experience, he probably would have done so.

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But isn't that the case with all types of "enhancers" - from supplements, to great coaching, to plyometric devices, to particular diets?

Raw talent and speed is only as good as it is harnessed.

The same federal prosecutors who caused Barry Bonds to get the home run record with an asterisk. These rumors have been following her for years, ever since she won all those medals at the 2000 Olympics.

Ever since she she was questioned the first time, she has denied, denied, denied, that she used steroids, and now it turns out that she lied, lied, lied. Granted, she did get two bronze medals, but those were in the 4X100 relay (where there are 3 others to slow you down) and the long jump.

I do think there is something wrong with taking performance enhancing drugs or medicaments if doing so can kill you or do serious damage to your body (like certain steroids - or all of them? I just want to understand the source of the outrage.

It appears that the people who come up with these things are always a step ahead of the regulators, and everyone is on some kind of enhancer, it just may not be illegal yet.

Next in was Pietersen and together with Cook, they seemed to steady the ship.

The pair were still at the crease when rain curtailed play for over 2 hours. Daft shots and ridiculous run outs caused England to collapse from 90-2 to 158 all out.

A few minutes later, Alastair Cook and Phil Mustard made their way to the block to try and make amends for their failings first time around.

For six overs everything seemed to be going according to plan.

It was infact nothing, compared to the apocalyptic debacle witnessed at Seddon Park this morning.


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