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There were also reports of their relationship being quite contentious to the point where De Generes would call the shots and control the passive, compliant de Rossi.There were also rumors that apparently de Rossi has a secret bachelorette pad outside of their home, but it’s still just hearsay. De Generes might be one of the top female comedians from her generation, but she actually suffers from quite the pained childhood.

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In spite of this, in 2014 de Rossi spent time in rehab for substance abuse issues.

This separation of sorts didn’t help instill confidence.

The truth is that everyone is human and mistakes happen.

It’s just as important to get those temptations out of the way early in the relationship.

The two have famously been married for over nine years, nearly together for fifteen, and still show no signs of slowing down.

In honor of their consistently beautiful relationship, here are the 20 Crazy Secrets About Ellen De Generes And Portia De Rossi’s Marriage.De Generes and Hedison had even gone as far as celebrating a commitment ceremony together.De Generes eventually dumped Hedison for de Rossi, but Hedison would eventually get together with Jodie Foster, so it looks like this all worked out for everyone.Even though the subject matter is typically lighter in nature and more pop culture-based, there are still plenty of wounded individuals who she’s been able to help through her talk show.“Age is just a number” is a phrase that often gets thrown around between May-December romances, but it’s even more prevalent throughout Hollywood.Every single celebrity couple that’s out there has to deal with nasty rumors that put the stability of their relationship up for debate.


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