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The service actually stopped working few month before that (in May 2019).

There were no legal issues or anything similar that forced to shut down.

Read below to see what happened to and which are the best alternatives.

In July 2019, was acquired by Kast ( which got the rights of the software stack, several patents and intellectual property of the app.

You can create your own chat room for free without signing up.

After creating the chat room, you invite other users to join the chat.

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We'll lookinto this issue, also we love hearing from our users and it is awesomehearing how you're using Marco Polo.

They listen to it whenever they have time and that might not be for a day or two or even a week. Marco Polo has put me in touch with people that I otherwise was rarely ever in touch with. Hey there, we love hearing what our users like about Marco Polo.


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