How to avoid online dating scams Instant free sexy girls chat private one on one

Catfishing/Love Bombing A person will make an online profile with false information and pictures they get from online image searches, and this person could be a man posing as a man or a man posing as a woman, or it could be a woman posing as a woman or a woman posing as a man.

This individual will wait until someone contacts them on the dating website because it means they already like something about them.

Most individuals with these items will not constantly be taking pictures because expensive items are just part of their everyday life and they aren't trying to impress anyone.

You may be surprised to see the exact photos in your online search because that is where they got them What To Avoid In Online Dating *Only communicate through the app or dating site.

If the person says they are leaving the site or canceling their subscription, avoid them at all costs.

This is to show you that they have money and that if you give them any money, it is just a loan.

These photos are usually lifted off the Internet and social media.

*When attempting to set up a face-to-face meeting, if the person you are communicating with must go out of the country suddenly or says they work overseas a lot, this could be a scammer.

If they are constantly making excuses as to why they can't meet you, end your communication.

*If they are overly complimentary, it could be a scammer.

There are nice people in the world, but if they are going overboard with the compliments, it could be too good to be true.

With all the energy it took to put yourself out there, you are probably thinking that others feel the same way as you and that everyone is coming from a place of positivity and wanting to find someone special.


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