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David Green made a movie called and it says, "A Free Country USA Production" or something.Mike did stuff for that too, and we did the website.

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When we started, it was going to be centered around Homestar, and for the most part the early cartoons were. I'd say the dynamic between Strong Bad and Strong Sad, his baby brother, the depressed one – there's a little bit of me and Mike in there, obviously very exaggerated. Matt: He's the adorable, evil sidekick, sort of the whipping boy, not a generic whipping boy because he knows he's the whipping boy and gets pissed off about it, so he's a little more proactive.

In 2001, when we started Strong Bad e-mail, he'd already become everybody's favorite character. I was kind of the tortured little brother and Mike…. Matt: Well, Marzipan didn't start out like that. Matt: It will probably take a little while for it to sink in with Homestar, even if they did break up. He lives in the King of Towns' barbecue grill.

With The Cheat you get to see what he does when he goes home at night – he's a Flash animator. Mike: I started Homestar Runner with (a friend) in 1996. I do half of the graphics and animation and writing.

Matt: Mike dropped out of (graduate) school and I graduated from college. I've been involved since we put the website up.

Parents need to know that there is some "potty humor" and cartoon violence depicted on the site.

Families who visit this site will be disappointed that, despite the appealing cartoon characters, it's not for children.Matt went to film school and I went to art school, so there are other worlds we have interest in.But I think it would be the kind of thing where we do it for a month or so and just take a little hiatus from Homestar.Hopefully that involves Homestar Runner in one way or another.WN: Think we'll be seeing pop-up ads anytime soon? Mike: We'll just quit if that's the only way to survive. Homestar is a dim but (usually) lovable doofus with no arms and no clue.

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