Heidi watney and jason varitek dating

The professional golfer, Nick Watney is her cousin. She modeled and participated in the beauty pageant and was a runner-up in the 2002 ‘Miss Universe’ beauty competition.

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The news of their divorce in 2008 surprised many in the community and the team.

Rumors of Varitek and Watney’s relationship had been swirling for months prior to the divorce filings.

During 2009 spring training in Fort Myers, FL, Heidi posted a video blog on

In the video, Watney showed a crocodile that would repeatedly climb onto the beach behind her condo to sun itself.

Rumors of the two first began following what was described as “intimate conversations,” in a VIP room at a Baltimore bar following a game early in the 2008 season.

Varitek’s ex wife Karen, was extremely active with the Red Sox wives charitable endeavors.

The two make an adorable couple and share a very loving relationship with each other.

They frequently travel together for work and vacations. Her father Dean Mitchell Watney was with the US Army while her mother was a reporter.

California-born Heidi Watney is a well-known name in the sports broadcasting field.

UPDATE : Along with what seems like every single other member of the Red Sox, Heidi Watney has announced that she is leaving. Watney is leaving the Red Sox for her native California to cover the Lakers.

She was the host of ‘The Red Sox Report’ and ‘The Ultimate Red Sox Show’ and continued with this job till 2011. She has also appeared on Dropkick Murphy’s music video ‘Going out in style’.


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