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HW: I love, love, love Los Angeles – what an amazing city.

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Namira, whose repertoire includes a song titled “Anti-coup,” has been criticized as being an alleged supporter of the now banned Muslim Brotherhood.

The song was criticized by supporters of the pro-July 30 revolution that toppled Mohammad Mursi, Egypt’s first Islamist president.

I then branched out into acting having been in four very successful feature length motion pictures including HW: I knew that I wanted to release an English-language song that had meaning – that reflected something deeper about how I live my life.

The song is an anthem for how to manage day-to-day challenges.

Rashad said the state radio station has abided by a code dating back to 1934 that requires recording artists to undergo tests before they can be granted a license.

Rashad said even the late Abdulhalim Hafiz, one of Egypt’s most famed singers who was dubbed the “king of Arabic music,” had to undergo the test.

The electronic and pop scenes are continuing to grow in the Middle East.

I am proud of the accomplishments of other Middle Eastern pop artists, including Ahlam and Wael Kfoury.

I have been staying at that hotel for so many years and it is centrally located to my two favorite shopping areas: Rodeo Drive and Melrose.

When I am in town for longer stays I actually travel to Newport Beach to visit with friends and, of course, shop at Fashion Island.

He also linked the decision to ban songs by Haifa and Oka and Ortiga to the Namira file.


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