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(0119) Dealing Effectively with Authority Figures — This worksheet is designed to help people reflect on how they deal with authority figures.

— This worksheet is designed to help people think about how others can help them with their psychological problems.

The worksheet asks them to think about both the things that they want from others as well as the things they don’t want.

PDF Practicing Being Imperfect — This worksheet is designed to help people take more social risks.

Many people with social anxiety dread that they will embarrass themselves in public.

It helps people consider the reasons that they talk softly and then take steps to change the way the communicate.

(social anxiety, speech and language, 0219) Are You Anxious About Dating?It consists of a die with six questions that can be printed and assembled.A blank template die can be used to custom-make other self-disclosure games.(depression, social skills, communication, 0417) Nothing Small About Small Talk — This worksheet is designed to help people with social anxiety practice simple conversational skills.The worksheet gives tips on how to handle social conversations and assignments to practice spontaneous conversations.This worksheet asks them to choose three situations where they deliberately make a social mistake in order to see that others really don't care.

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