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Silly putty is good for general squelching, and wet flannels dropped into the toilet apparently sound exactly like massive shits.

You can blow a raspberry at guys who are big into farting, but you have to be careful not to laugh.

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However, you need to buy their premium subscription to unlock the superpowers.

The app is available for Android as well as i Phone users along with a mobile-optimized web version.

Leigh Marcini, 39, of Pennsylvania, has also pleaded guilty to texting images of herself performing a sex act on a two-year-old boy to Randazzo.

The Daily News reported last July that police had arrested a woman in Massachusetts who had allegedly abused an eight-year-old boy on camera for Randazzo.

She tried for bar jobs, retail jobs, waitressing jobs (all industries she has years of experience in) and the interviews seemed to go well.

One day she called me sounding far chirpier than usual, and announced she'd got a job.

"The first thing anyone wants to know is 'What's the weirdest thing anyone's said to you?

' You want to know about the shit eaters and the dog fuckers, but how fucked up is it for those other people to call?

Jenney Zerello told Brooklyn Federal Court last month that she met Randazzo on in October 2012.

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