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Nearly everyone desires to one day have a close, secure and loving relationship with someone who is willing to be a partner for life.It is a desire built into humanity by our Creator, and such a relationship can provide some of the most satisfying and fulfilling elements of a happy life.

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For all of us the ability to vote and help determine our country’s future is a huge privilege.

The United States is soon to face a historic national election, and many, including Christians, are fearful of the potential outcome.

Sadly, in Western cultures today, sexual activity is not only seen as a normal part of dating, it is often expected to be a part of the relationship.

Unfortunately, dating is often not seen as a step leading to marriage.

Parents and grandparents may have one perspective, while younger people may have a very different view. There was a time when dating might have been seen as a purely social gathering that could even include multiple people—sometimes called a group date.

Whether in a group or just a couple, dates were generally seen as a casual time spent getting to know one another and enjoying the time together.

Two and a half years later, my life has changed drastically; in the course of nine months, I began dating, became engaged to and married the man God chose for me. 26, 2007 I often notice people becoming uptight when we begin discussing the issue of trusting God with relationships.

In light of what has happened since I wrote these posts, I believe even more fervently the truths contained within. This is because they equate trust in God with passivity.

Sometimes the reason is staring us right in our face but it’s hard for us to accept.

Particularly when it comes to dating relationships.

And how should he or she manage that relationship according to the divinely inspired instructions from God?


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