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We also conducted two focus groups with Fulton County students.

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The program was developed in a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Kennesaw State University and advertising agency BBDO.

"Gracie is cutting edge," said Bob Rodgers, Street Grace's president and CEO.

We asked 15 questions, such as if they’ve had sex ed before, was it helpful, the topics covered in their sex ed, when they had sex ed, who they go to for their sex ed questions, if there are enough health resources in their community, etc.

We sent the survey through social media and in person at Atlanta Public Schools located in Fulton County, and 113 people took the survey.

The problem of child sex trafficking is gaining more attention in Atlanta with the approach of Super Bowl LIII on Feb. But Rodgers points out the game alone isn't solely responsible for the crime.

"The Super Bowl doesn't cause sex trafficking," Rodgers said.

In Georgia, especially Fulton County, the quality of sexual health education is severely lacking.

The Atlanta Youth Research Coalition (AYRC) — a group of 12 teens from metro Atlanta working with public health leaders at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health — conducted research last spring and found that systemic sexual health education — sex ed — improvements are needed for metro-Atlanta teens.

A community needs assessment can be defined as a gathering of information to discover the needs and assets of an area.

First, we looked at HIV/AIDS and other STD rates, and teen pregnancy rates of various counties in the metro-Atlanta area versus Georgia as a whole, and Fulton County had the highest rates of unintended pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs among adolescents.

After looking into some literature regarding sexual health, we started working on questions for our survey.


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