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When I was a kid everybody knew I'm somehow different from any other female kids.

I’m scared of how others outside will perceive me since i live in an area with heavy discrimination on the matter.

I’m turning 19 this year and I have yet to reveal it to my loved ones. 05/20/2019 I am a closetted bisexual at the moment.

He had not long finished swimming and water beaded on his smooth torso. He had been training a lot in the gym, but too many slip-ups with late-night snacks had held him back.

For the first time in a long time, Theo was completely relaxed, and could feel...

They were into barbie movies A LOT yet, I was so into Mr. Their toys were like barbie dolls or just dolls, I loved remote control cars.

(I broke their barbie dolls by tearing them arms and legs apart from the body.) I was so innocent then.

Upon entering, I was very pleased to see that the long seat at the back of the bus was unoccupied.

In fact, with five minutes to go until departure, the bus was fairly empty, with no more than twelve other passengers on board.

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06/24/2019 I’m scared , I’ve been gay since I was 14 and I have yet to reveal it to anyone other than 2 of my closest friends .

The white sheet which topped the bed was lying between them in a crumpled pile.

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