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An ad that appeared in Modern Grocer shows how Denk Baking is trying to stimulate trade. Starting with Charlie Chaplin's “The Gold Rush” and ending with Lon Chaney's “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” there'll be 12 films, each of which will be repeated.

That'll take care of the six months of film showings that the bank is putting up ,000 to underwrite. Brown have been appointed vice presidents of Ketchum, Mac Leod & Grove, Inc., Pittsburgh.

Using poisons in the yard isn't good for you or your pets.

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Loneliness can become an obstacle in your personal life.

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All together some 750 will be going up by the end of this month—colorful paintings of frolicking young people with the headline, “You had it at Grossinger's. ”The same line will be used in newspaper ads and on the lapel buttons of the route men. Advertising (in TV Guide, The New Yorker, New York and Cue) will be part of it and so will nice big posters in the nine branches.

Grossinger's advertising is handled by Stiefel/Raymond while Barker & Stein in Flushing, Queens, does it for Bond. They'll be giving them away, too, so don't be surprised if your, wife slaps up a big picture of Rudolph Valentino. Janet Copuzelo Bond promoted to vice president at Knudsen‐Moore, Inc., Stamford, Conn. Gallup appointed to the new position of vice president, sports sales, NBC‐TV.PAK the champions, Live Cricket Sarfaraz Ahmed, Pakistani᠌, Northern Areas of Pakistan, HUM TV, Daraz Online Shopping, Mera Pakistan, Pak Heaven.Khuirattain, Tableegh News, Lebara Mobile KSA, Banjosa lake and village, Innovative INDIA, Dulha Dulhan, Live News Kashmir, ‎Voice Of Sehnsa NEWS, ABP Uncut, MPA Momina Waheed, N a D a N ツ, ‎‎‎Wadee.e. Monikaa, ‎My Crush Diary, ‎‎نعتیں پاک ﷺ‎, Leswa Bypass‎‎‎, Exquisite Pakistan, Amazing Pakistan, Beauty of Pakistan, Northern Pakistan, Pakistan The Beautiful Country, Beautiful Pakistan‎‎‎, ‎‎Pakistan Beautiful Places, Incredible Pakistan, Lets Discover the Beauty of Pakistan, Amazing Pakistan, Hunza Valley, Naran & Kaghan Valley, She Zi, Naran Kaghan Valley Northern Areas, Pakistan, Swat Valley Bahrain & Kalam, Shogran & Naran, Kaghan Valley, Pakistan, ‎Kaghan Naran valley travel, Naran Kaghan, Kaghan Naran, Naran & Kaghan Valley Pakistan, South Punjab, ‎‎‎ساڈے پنجابی لوک گیت saday punjabi lock geet‎, ‎Sufi Shayari urdu Punjabi., ‎مٹی پنجاب دی Mitti Punjab di‎‎‎, Sada Apna Punjab, Punjabi Channel, Dilshad Nasim‎‎‎, ‎‎‎‎‎اساں آپ سرائیکی‎, Rabia Fans‎, ‎P4 pak, ‎Sanam News, ‎تبلیغی جماعت پاکستان‎‎‎‎, Fun Tube, Beautiful Islamic Quotes, Nazim writes, Ishq Sufiyana, Wasii Writes, Leo ツ‎, ‎Islamic Quotes, Super Lines, Urdu Lines, Best Lines, Your OBsession, ‎‎Sufi Lines, ‎‎Faasly / فاصلے‎, Pardesi Loog‎‎, ‎Sufiyana Lines, ‎‎Dastak / دستک‎, ‎چڑھوئی ڈھلہ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎, ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Summeryali/ثمریالی‎, ‎وادی بناہ کی سیاست‎‎, ‎‎اپنا سملار وادی بناہ کھوئیرٹہ‎, Natural beauty of the earth, Neelam Valley - Kashmir‎‎, ‎NEELAM, Swat Valley KPK, ‎GCUF New Campus At Jhang Road-Unofficial, ‎‎ﻃﻮﻓﺎﻧﯽ ﻟﮍﮐﯽ‎, Laiba Khan Baloch‎‎‎‎, ‎‎‎Adhuri Muhbbat, ‎انمول ھیرے‎‎, ‎Urdu Shayari, ‎‎عشق روگ ہے جانا‎, Mahii G‎‎‎, Anmol Batein, Urdu Shayri And Pictures, Sehar Shayari, GAZAL Urdu poetry, ••٠· Do Pal Ka Sath ·٠••,‎‎, ‎‎‎Sudden Thoughts, Galyat Updates, ‎‎اک ہجر جو ہم کو لاحق ہے‎, ‎‎رومانوی شاعری‎, Parveen Shakir‎‎‎, ‎Tourism Pakistan, Bilal Rasheed, Pagal Log, ‎Aatoon Aati, ‎‎شبانہ ناز‎, Live Voice‎‎‎‎, ‎‎‎‎دیسی علاج‎, Pakistan Tourism‎, ‎Sardar Imtiaz Khan - PTI Kashmir, ‎‎منزہ خان Mannaza Khan‎, Momina Waheed Official‎‎‎, ‎‎Choudary Muhammad Akhlaq, ‎Dr Ishrat Sajjad, ‎کھوئی رٹہ کی سیاست‎‎‎, Incredible_Ghizer, Phander Valley Ghizer, Ghizer Valley‎‎‎‎, ‎‎‎Thandiani Atd, Gilgit-Baltistan The Land of Peace, Kaghan Valley - Heaven on the Earth, Hunza valley Northern Area Pakistan, Phander Valley '' The Land Of Beauty'', ‎‎Dawn News, ‎اعوان نیوز‎‎, SK News, Urdu Web, Allama Zahid Nadeem Sultani Page‎‎, ‎‎‎‎انجُمن گوجری ادب و کلچر sindh ویلی‎, Awaz E Bakarwal‎, ‎Voice of gujjar, ‎‎فرمان مولا علی علیہ السلام‎, Khuiratta Issues‎‎‎, ‎‎‎وادیِ بناہ کھوئ رٹہ‎, Kauthar College for Women (K. When everybody else is giving away pots and pans.” said Bowery's James M. Shea, throwing a harpoon at the competition, “we're going to be giving something away on the tube."Postal Service Seeks Agency Rumor hath it that the new Postal Service has narrowed down its list of possible agencies to five—all big ones. Schoor, the organization's director of advertising services, said that Government regulations concerning contracts prevented him from commenting on the competition.. Sturtevant have been elected vice presidents of the J. Meet singles in your city, start a private chat and kill your loneliness instantly.

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