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In brief, LINQ to SQL compares the original value and new value and generates SQL code to update the original object.

Since the original object was modified by the Form View, it will never be found by SQL and no update will occur!

My Objectdatasource is populated & bound to Form View 2.

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Now, looking at the Autos debug window I see that it's getting the new value for the "comments" field, I changed the value to "Comment1" just so it would stick out.

The old value was "NO COMMENT" So, when I update the field and click the Update link button, it's getting the new value but for some reason not storing it. Also, it's getting the key "id" just fine with its value of "10" so I'm not sure what to check next...

Using the list box I am able to display the old and new responses.

Could you please help with providing the user the ability of either accepting the changes or cancel. I am concerned that e.cancel = true may be set for both and as long as that is the case it will abort.

To work around this, you will need to subscribe to the Item Updating event and extract the values yourself: I'm curious to know why the two-way databinding isn't functional for nested controls. In any case, your blog entry helped me solve my problem, so I wanted to say thanks!

I want to be able to see the changes a user makes while in the Edit Mode of Form View. The New Values and Old Values collection are empty. No old or new values so update to database fails because fields are set to not null.

Have it working fine with 3 field form, this has 35, does not work whatever I try.

You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.

If you have trouble or don't understand I can re-write this for you using Northwirnd or something you provide even Xml.


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