Forein dating

Where you’re no longer restricted by country or even home town – the world is your oyster and ripe for exploring.

Dating and marrying a foreign women gave me that and more.

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And not only do I find her fascinating, I long hoped she found the same with me.

Uniqueness is an attractive, addictive quality and I soon knew I couldn’t settle for the girl next door.

A mixed bag of dates, not much success and whole bunch of self-doubt. I couldn’t get a girl, couldn’t hold down a relationship when I did, and after each date, I’d look back and realise I was actually bored. Not long after, I had a brief fling with an Italian.

I could launch into a tirade about English girls and their shortcomings but this wouldn’t be fair or true. Whether or not those relationships were successful, I enjoyed their company and felt hopeful about my time with them.

I’ve long had a passion for language and while I’m fortunate that my wife and I share the same language, we still have to put in extra effort, focus and understanding to ensure there aren’t regular miscommunications.

It’s why I make sure my knowledge of language is always up-to-date and why, earlier this year, I turned to a service called italki to improve my abilities in an online environment.

Whatever the cultural focus (family, customs, beliefs), you’re given an opportunity to learn from and better understand each other.

And this brings you closer together, creates a deeper bond, makes the connection stronger. Whether it’s subtle nuances in Australian English when compared to British English, or a completely different language altogether, dating foreign women often leads to the learning of a foreign tongue.

Some time later, I took another local girl on a date.

I’d returned from university and while the craving to head abroad had started to grow, I was determined to give hometown life and a night out with this pretty, intelligent girl a fair go. We dined at an elegant restaurant, served seven courses of not-a-lot over three hours.

The act of dating and marrying a foreigner was an extension of the kind of person I wanted to be.

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