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We have our agency, and we can choose any characteristic to define us.

But we need to know that when we choose to define ourself or to present ourself by some characteristic that is temporary or trivial in eternal terms, we de-emphasize what is most important about us, and we overemphasize what is relatively unimportant.

They will happen whether you are single or whether you are married.

You may have a child who is very ill or experience the death of someone close to you or have a period of life that is very lonely.

Prepare yourself for life—even a single life—by education, experience, and planning. I am asking her to come up and tell us what is in her heart. We saw the Christus and the video Special Witnesses of Christ, and they went into my heart. Make it count by dedicating your time to your Heavenly Father. It is something that happens every day of our lives. It can be very painful to be single for such a long time, especially in a church of families. On my 50th birthday my brother-in-law was reading the newspaper. I would say to everyone in this room, always remember that your first calling is as a mother or as a father.

Develop those domestic talents, talents of love and talents of service.

This forced us to have conversation without outside distraction.

We had incalculable benefits from mealtime conversation.

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As a positive example of self-characterization, I cite our daughter, Jenny Oaks Baker. There is another possible contributing factor to the demise of dating and the prominence of the culture of hanging out.

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