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It make them realize life doesn't always have to be so hard.

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However, once they understand and accept the other for who they are, their friendship can only get better with time.

Here are five reasons why every Cancer need an Aries best friend (and vice versa): It's a known fact of the zodiac world that Cancer is the king of mood swings.

You will have a button that will allow you to chat only with girls.

There is a drop down menu in the right upper corner where you can change from which country you would like people.

One longs for stability while the other constantly looks for new adventures.

One tends to prefer quiet while the other is wild and always on his or her feet.We were asked by my spanish teacher, whom I find hot by the way, to describe our ideal house.So ever since I was young I always thought I would live in a big apartment, never a house. Tiene tres dormitorios, un salon-comedor, un cuarto de lavadero, la cocina, dos cuartos de bano y garage de acceso dirsto. I'm really proud of myself for learning a second language.The reliable support and positive attitude Aries has for Cancers 24/7 can pick the crab sign right up and help keep them away from their extreme moods.Seriously, no one can stay sad for long around such a positive energy ball like Aries -- not even Cancer.Their stubborn minds can make a big deal out of anything, and somehow every life matter seems way more heavy and alarming to Cancers compared to the average person.


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