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Back in about 1929 there was a short story written that was called The Caballero's Way. Just click on the center button in the video box below and watch Cisco and Pancho ride across the screen again!

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He eventually took up acting and signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1928 where he worked in at least two major films, The Bridge of San Luis Rey and Trader Horn.

In January 1933, Renaldo was sentenced to serve two years in federal prison and fined $2000 on conviction of falsely claiming American citizenship, falsifying a passport, and perjury, but he eventually was pardoned by President Franklin D. He found minor roles at Republic Studios and other Poverty Row studios until he convinced Republic head Herbert Yates in 1939 to introduce a Latin cowboy into The Three Mesquiteers series.

So the TV character of the Cisco Kid was modeled after that bandito from the short story. An actor named Duncan Renaldo played the part of Cisco.

His trusty sidekick Pancho was played by a guy named Leo Carrillo. Cisco and Pancho wandered all around the old Southwest, running off bad guys and saving the day for whoever was in need. Cisco was a Mexican charmer and Pancho was the guy who was always good for a laugh!

Of course Cisco was dedicated to doing good everywhere, so the most a lady ever got was a kiss before he and Pancho rode off together!

As you know, Cisco's horse was "Diablo" and, by the way, was all decked out in silver saddle and bridle! Cisco did carry a gun but usually all he ever did with it was shoot the gun out of the bad guy's hand.The character only lasted a year, though, and Renaldo was back to minor roles in B-films, for example Tiger Fangs (1943).Renaldo did play some roles in mainstream films as well, including in Spawn of the North (1938) with George Raft, Henry Fonda and John Barrymore; and For Whom the Bell Tolls with Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman. In the late 1940s, Renaldo starred in several Hollywood Westerns as The Cisco Kid, and in 1950, he began playing the role in a popular television series that ran until 1956.They would both laugh, and Cisco would say "Oh, Pancho! " and then they would ride off into the sunset as the credits rolled.I probably didn't see all 156 of the episodes, but I saw a lot! DUNCAN RENALDO, whose real name was Renault Renaldo Duncan, had a rather uncertain history.But, picture this - Cisco wore an all black outfit with fancy embroidery (and it never got dirty)!


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