Duggar courtship vs dating

The Duggar daughters are opening up about their strict Christian rules when it comes to dating.

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That means that there is no potential suitor without his permission, and according to the comments he made during an interview with , he gets multiple phone calls and letters each week from hopeful men who want a shot at love with his daughters.

But apparently the girls in the family don't mind this, because according to matriarch Michelle Duggar, "The girls have always said they would send any guy who was interested in them to Dad." She added, "That's a good thing — that is such good protection for them." I won't lie, I would want my family to like my boyfriends because it makes life a lot easier when you all get along.

There's no denying that there are few comparisons between dating Duggar style, versus dating for the rest of us, and below are 15 things we've learned about what it takes to date a Duggar.

When it comes to dating, the Duggar kids take their father Jim Bob's advice as if it were gospel.

This means no full-on hugging, and pretty much everything else you can think of is off limits.

Jessa previously spoke about the standards that they set to ensure they remain pure.Jim Bob's methods came to light during an episode of , when Jeremy Vuolo, who married Jinger Duggar, said, "I got sent a 50-page questionnaire, I sent it back at 105 pages." He continued to reveal a little about what the questionnaire and admitted that one of the major questions was about religion and how he became a Christian.Jessa Duggar also weighed in, saying that the questionnaire covers a range of topics, including the men's personal finances.After Jill and Derick Dillard got engaged, she excitedly told magazine that they had "been holding hands ever since." And the publication also notes that in 2014, at the time of Jill's holding hands confession, her sister Jessa and her then-boyfriend Ben Seewald were not yet at the stage where they could freely hold hands.Jessa told the publication that she and Seewald were excited about having "something to look forward to." On their wedding day/night there is a lot of firsts for the children in the Duggar household, because not only do they get to kiss for the first time, but they also get to have sex.This usually happens in their mid-twenties, and the Duggars know that they don't have a typical relationship.


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