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You may never learn HTML or CSS, but without knowing them, you are limited to Dreamweaver’s way of doing things.

"), but some may find that their Dreamweaver may demand it.

You can develop with it in and will need to remember to remove it before testing, uploading, or committing.

(Note: MX 2004 users will have to click the advanced tab at the top of the dialog box to input the URL.) When you are finished select the ‘Next’ button to continue.

The next screen asks if you want to enable server technologies.

While developing PHP code for Drupal in Dreamweaver, if you notice your code uses tabs (and not spaces) then you can fix any chunk of code by selecting code or select all (CTRL A), then right click and choose "Selection;" then choose "Change tabs to spaces.", since you should plan to run your code through the Coder module then you will need to make sure that tabs were converted to spaces.

In the Preferences page, select "Code Coloring." Look for the "PHP" document type and then click the "Edit Coloring Scheme" button. Try changing the "PHP Script Bracket" to a high contrast color (such as dark green or dark blue), but not black. Drupal coding standards call for no PHP ending tag ("?A nail-gun will nail the boards together, but it is an imprecise tool, and there is a certain amount of danger while using it.If you can’t occasionally fall back on the hammer for more detail-oriented work, then there’s a definite limit to what you can build.It is important that you review the UW Web Publishing Services page from the Web Publishing at the UW online curriculum.In particular, it will tell you how to activate your web publishing services if you have not done so already.It also covers which server you’ll connect to (e.g. One method is at the Splash Page and the other method is from the Menu: Whichever method you used, you should be at the same point and from here all the steps will be the same. This name is arbitrary and will not be seen by anyone else other than those working on it.

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