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This is because you can never sense what a girl’s current state of mind is just over a text.

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They key to using texts to build sexual tension is to be playful and to leave room for misinterpretation.

For example: At the end of the day, you should always remember that your ultimate goal with texting a girl is to get her attracted and comfortable enough with you to meet you in real life.

For example, one minute I’ll be teasing a girl about being Vegan, but the very next minute I’ll tell her that I’m just messing with her and that I find it really cool that she has beliefs that she sticks up for.

I’ve had lots of guys who had a bit of “game” tell me that they always seem to be able to get girls interested and engaged over text…for a few days.

But if a girl regularly takes long periods of time to get back to you, you too should go MIA now and then.

Or for example if a girl’s texts to you are long and descriptive, it’s OK for you to reply in kind.

There was a spark and you knew that she was definitely someone you wanted to see again!

You felt over the moon after exchanging numbers with her, but now the hard work begins.

After which the girls usually tend to fade away slowly.

More often than not, the reason for this is because these guys fail to create sexual tension at some point of the interaction.

But if a girl always gives you short, three word answers, you’re just going to come off desperate and needy by typing out long-ass paragraphs.

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