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Earth and gravel are always present which needs to be removed in order to preserve the quality of the marble.

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After using horizontal and vertical drilling holes or joints with jackhammers, holes are screwed to the diamond wire which is connected to a powerful cutting machine.

This scrolls down automatically during cutting phases or rotates the point of axis according to various requirements, When the marble block is separated from the mountain complete detachment is facilitated using special inflatable ‘pillows’ or hydraulic jacks using powerful excavators to a specially prepared ‘bed’ of debris to provide a safe resting place for the extremely valuable end product.

The company now supplies the comprehensive range of Sandvik equipment as well as providing full aftermarket care, spare parts and dedicated customer service related to the two product lines.

CGT Sp A, a Caterpillar dealer since 1934, possesses representation throughout Italy with 28 direct branches.

"We are delighted to work with such a trusted distributor.

Its industry expertise, and local customer knowledge, combined with strong aftermarket support, has enabled us to get closer to our Italian customers such as William Vennai Sp A." In order to mark and celebrate its distributorship, CGT held its first customer event dedicated to Sandvik equipment in 2016, with one of the major attractions being the QE341.However, the marble is not all of a consistent high quality.The ‘perfect’ block represents only 20% of the production; the remaining 80% consists of semi-formed blocks as well material that does not possess the desired homogeneous structure due to contamination with metamorphic rock, rubble and other materials.The unit is also fully radio controlled as standard, with quick-set times inbuilt with sequential start-up.Other key customer requirements include: Erich Padlocks, a partner of William Vennai said of the new screen: "Acquiring the QE341 was a necessity in order to maximize and improve the quality of our end product.This simple, easy to use system possesses a color-coded numerical push buttons, combined with a visual display unit enabling the operator to view engine and plant status.


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