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Ik was niet in de positie om te discussiëren of die titel hem toebehoorde, maar voor mij zou hij het zijn, voorgoed, en nooit zou ik vergeten hoe hij aan zijn einde kwam.

Voor het feestmaal begint, maande ze de zaal tot stilte, zal het schoolhoofd nog wat meedelen. Tot nu toe had ik alleen naar de oppertafel gekeken met vage motivatie voor Lupin, verder onoplettend en ongeconcentreerd. Mijn hart bonsde in mijn keel om de grootste tovenaar aller tijden in eigen persoon te zien. Die lege blik in zijn ogen was als een open raam naar de ongevulde ruimtes van zijn hoofd. Nou, hoorde ik Dumbledore concluderen, dat waren alle belangrijke mededelingen.

Ik wilde hun aandacht niet trekken voor de veiligheid van mijn dekmantel, maar dit was een noodgeval.

Als er iemand was die een hele kippenschuur kon verzwelgen in twee seconden, dan was hij het wel.

Without a ticket, a potential user can sign up for the waiting list.

The League scans an applicant's Facebook and Linked In profiles to analyze alma maters, degrees, professions, industries, social influence, neighborhood and age. Cleveland, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, London, Philadelphia, Columbus, Atlanta, Miami, Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Denver, Seattle, Toronto, Sacramento, New Haven, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Charlotte, Detroit, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Orlando."We did a ton of testing on this screen and these preferences were the most highly requested," she said ...

Sure, my nose is a little crooked, but I fit the rest of Western society’s standards for beauty and success. If both people "heart" the other, you'll have a match; but people aren't necessarily revealed to each other on the same day so don't expect anything immediate. So will users who consistently don't respond, behave offensively, suggest casual encounters, wear anything other than white, or ask questions (OK, two of those aren't true). And because there's some form of a background check on swipers, you've got less potential for bots and serial killers.

And, like anyone in the virtual world, I can come up with a damn witty "about me" section. The flakier you are (not responding, not logging in), the fewer matches you'll get. " I end up not having a choice because NYC is humid AF that day, and I arrive too sweaty to not acknowledge that I’m sweaty.

League members removed from the community for flakiness or inactivity will have to pay a "re-admit fee." The pickier you are, the lower your odds of matching. Users who log in daily have a higher match rate, even after normalizing for popularity. After a series of unsuccessful equations to untangle these rules and determine my best course of action (my masters is in the arts, OK? The concierge's words are in my head the entire time: I go for drinks with the first guy I talk to. Along with that background, The League selects out Facebook friends and Linked In connections -- so you can trust your boss isn't going to see you in a bikini or holding a tequila shot.

To my (pleasant) surprise, he's actually better looking than his pictures. (We've all been on dates with the "6'0" guy who's up to our chin -- guys, it's the equivalent of women posting pics from 50lbs ago). Also, The League feels exclusive (even if they are "accepting" hundreds of thousands of people).

It is honestly so hard to tell when a guy is out of your league, right?

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