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Do you love someone who doesn't know you exist? Chances are, if you have your crush's number in your phone, it wouldn't be too weird for you to send them a flirty text.Unless, of course, you attained their phone number in a creepy way. You know you're on a good path when you and your crush text on the regular.

This is even more true if he/she is sending you heart and kissing emojis.

However, if your crush has placed you in the friend zone — you're on your own pal.

If you sparked a conversation when you started talking, it should be easy to work this in.

Sophie Southern has been a freelance writer since 2004.

If you noticed he’s reading the same book or just got the same new tech gadget, mention something about it.

Avoid just walking up and saying “Hello” without any material prepared.

When you wear your favorite outfit, do your hair and makeup and walk out the door feeling good, you give off an air of confidence that makes you more attractive.

It is also easier to go up and talk to someone when you feel like you are looking your best. Mention where you’ve seen each other before, friends you have in common or interests you share if you happen to have observed any.

When you have the opportunity to make eye contact, keep it for just a few seconds longer and flash a friendly smile, but avoid staring.

Look your best to give yourself a confidence boost.

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