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The grant targets individuals with disabilities and funds programs that supply education, advocacy, and outreach for them.The grant also provides for cross-training with participating organizations, technical assistance to modify policies and protocols and funding to improve existing facilities to better serve deaf individuals or those with other disabilities." These services include advocacy, support groups, hotlines, crisis intervention, and training of agency members and outreach by agency members to make communities aware of the services that are available to them." States, units of local government, Indian Tribal governments or Tribal organizations, nonprofit and nongovernmental victim services organizations with demonstrated experience in assisting elderly women or demonstrated experience in addressing sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking are eligible for this grant.Specific programs and areas of interest for this grant are focused on improving law enforcement, courts, government and community responses to sexual assault against victims over the age of 50 as well as providing for cross-training and enhancing services for victims.

Her goals for her tenure as Acting Director were to maintain the financial commitments the Office had made to prevent and respond to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking; to increase support for victims of sexual assault via expanding support services and improving the criminal justice system's response to sexual assault; to expand education about rape and its impact; to continue with the Office on Violence Against Women's initiative to reduce the rate of domestic violence homicide; and to provide appropriate services for low-income communities.

The Office on Violence Against Women administers approximately 24 grant programs.

Evans representing the American Bar Association in congressional testimony for the VAWA of 2005, "VAWA-funded programs, including the Civil Legal Assistance and STOP Grants programs, have improved and aided in the prosecution of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse cases; provided necessary training and support for law enforcement personnel; and increased civil legal services for victims of domestic violence, especially in the areas of civil protection orders and family law matters.

A Criminal Justice Policy Review on this program and its effectiveness revealed that an increase of involvement of agencies with the community leads to a greater likelihood of programs experiencing success.

Buchanan (acting director) is a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania (1984) and of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (1987).

With her guidance as Director, the Office on Violence Against Women opened the New Orleans Family Justice Center as part of the Family Justice Center concept, Under her direction, the OVW awarded money to Tribal Governments for the first time under the Grants to Indian Tribal Governments Program.The Sexual Assault Services Program's mission is "to provide intervention, advocacy, accompaniment, support services, and related assistance" for all who are adversely affected by sexual assault.The utilities include a 24-hour sexual assault hotline and the maintenance/expansion of rape crisis centers.More specifically, the grants for the Sexual Assault Services Program help rape prevention clinics to provide up-to-date technology and methods of communication between young victims of sexual assault and caregivers.These public awareness campaigns play a critical role in informing teenagers of their rights and responsibilities with respect to sexual abuse.The Violence Against Women Act legislation requires the Office on Violence Against Women to work to respond to and reduce violence against women in many different areas, including on college campuses and in people's homes. The Principal Deputy Director serves directly under the Director as do the Deputy Directors. D., was the Acting Director and Principal Deputy Director.

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